Relationship Problems?

  • Relationship Problems? Family Problems? Work Issues?
  • Tired of fighting?
  • Feeling lonely, angry, or upset?
  • Unhappy in your relationship, and just don’t know why?
  • Can’t “change” your partner?

If you’re looking for immediate relief, don’t want to spend years in therapy, or can’t afford regular sessions, there’s still hope.

Even if you can’t get your partner or a family member to agree to counseling, Couple Mapping is a way to break through the disconnect and start repairing what’s broken.

In any relationship, when you see each other and really understanding where you’re both coming from it’s easier to find compassion for each other.

What would it be like if you could see your role; your partner or family member can have an awareness of theirs; and you could each have compassion for each other right away? Couple Mapping lets you do that.

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We offer quick, easy, affordable services that provide immediate relief. The “AHA!” Moment Couple Mapping Video gives you and your partner, or other family member, a clear visual and a sense of compassion for each other. Where Do We Go From Here?

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Want to have fun while communicating with your partner or family member in a new, easy, and effective manner? We offer two Couple Mapping kits that let you do just that!

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Advice from Relationship Expert Linda Nusbaum, LMFT

The Couple Mapping Blog: your resource for solving common relationship problems and making your relationship both work and last. Features videos, articles, and guides.

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